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We Are Not Alone With Music

Chris who likes music and has tourettes

Brief introduction

I have mentioned my very good friend Chris before. We love all the same music and have been to gigs together. He has been so supportive with my blog and its gained some traction with thanks to him. He asked if he could write a blog post. I didn’t know whether to cry in happiness or do a girlish squeal. Without futher ado, let me leave it to Chris.

Chris’ point of view

And here it is from another perspective. Dan has been a fantastic friend to me for many years, In fact I honestly can’t remember how long it has been.

I have seen Dan on some good and not so good days, and for someone who also suffers with Tourettes Syndrom. Let me tell you this, he handles it well. Yes it may not appear that way to others. It’s a complicated problem. Yet it means the world to me that I have someone who I trust and who I can talk to so openly about it.

Getting together and music

I love meeting up with Dan because we always have time to compare tics. This is to see what’s new,funny and even scary. With the wide variety of tics we have both been through I feel it would be pointless to not have a laugh between us. I mean we have several differences but we also have many similarities. We both love music and many of the same bands.

Dan wrote “Where music speaks, tics fail” and this could not be any more true. It is incredible to see how music affects us both but especially for Dan. Several times I have seen him play the drums and it is the calmest I have ever seen him. We even went to a Green Day concert together and to stand side by side and watch one of our favourite bands is a memory I will always love, because there wasn’t a tic between us.

Great laughs

Dan is a very unique person and a very good friend to me. He always supports me with my Tourettes and will always ask how I am handling it. It is crazy you know because when I first got diagnosed I thought that was it, but I have genuinely made some great friends and bonds with people because of my Tourettes. I don’t think there is anything greater than feeling yourself around someone who knows what it’s like to suffer with the same condition. There is no shame or embarrassment. We can bring out some of the best tics and Dan and I will always laugh. Tourettes hasn’t ended my life, it simply made it better and found me a great friend.

Back to Dan

I have to say that touched me a lot, and i have the utmost respect for Chris. Although every struggle is individual, together we are stronger. I will write more about the Green Day gig another time as well as other events. If you are interested in getting to know Chris a bit more, he is actually an amazing whiz at magic. Check out the shiny writing for a treat.