Medication and tablets, are they really worth it?

Who knows

So as you may now know I have Tourette’s Syndrome. What you may not know is I also have psychosis, depression, anxiety and insomnia. I take medication for most of them. I recently had a bit of a snafu with ordering tablets due to Christmas and New Years. Do not fret. I have more on the way.

What I wanted to talk about was what the medication I take does and if it’s a positive or negative for me. Strap on your critical hats as I am going to get technical. For obvious reasons I won’t name the tablets or the dosage but I basically take a handful every day.

Medication for Tourette’s

My Tourette’s medication works quite well I would say 70% of the time. My tics are reduced to be bearable and that’s good. Instead of swinging my arms about and jumping up and down on my chair I just blow air into my eyes and open my mouth and eyes really wide. This is what I consider bearable. HOWEVER when I take them I don’t feel like me. At my wedding I refused to take my tablets as I wanted to marry Nelly as me.

This of course meant I was bouncing of the walls, yelling song lyrics out car windows and generally making a tit of myself. So yea, me. As I said I recently ran into a snag so I am currently not dosed up. Not taking my medication has meant that I have had the motivation to write my second blog post in two days and really get my blog kick-started. Previously it took me 2 months to write three posts.

There are negatives however; I now have chipped away at my inner upper lip with my tooth. It’s so sore that I am considering starting rugby or boxing to have an excuse to wear a gum shield. I have also started doing an old arm tic of mine and have scratched and rubbed the skin under my armpit.

Happiness medication

As for my anxiety and depression tablets, I honestly haven’t noticed any difference so far I am generally less anxious because of how I have taught myself to be more social. The depression is always there, no getting rid of that yet but it’s manageable. I have however started talking to myself a lot and am hearing various voices in my head.

The issue with not taking these tablets is that I get sharp shooting pains through my feet all the way up my body. Toe to head. Next I feel dizzy and need to find a place to sit or lie down quickly. As you can imagine this impairs me leaving the house etc.


Finally the sleeping tablets. Pretty simple, I don’t sleep without them. Well, I do. But 10 hours sleep every two days isn’t ideal. Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely shattered, but at the same time full of energy. It is a really surreal feeling. My body wants to sleep but my mind does not.

When I do take them I sleep after a few hours, the only issue is I sleep for 12-14 hours. This is also not ideal. And not only that, I feel so tired, drowsy and sedated while I am awake I am sometimes like a zombie.

In conclusion I have no idea whether taking my medication or not is worth it. so writing all this was probably a massive waste of time but hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoyed ranting about nonsense.


As always I have included a shiny writing thing.

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