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Tourette's Syndrome around friends at wedding

Tourette’s Syndrome around Friends

What it’s really like

Spending your time having Tourette’s Syndrome around friends is great. They understand you may have a little bit more energy. You might shout a random word of phrase. Maybe even accidently hit them in the arm. The point is they understand that it is not intentional. It’s a complex mess of faulty wiring and ecstatic synapses.

What really becomes a challenge is when you have Tourette’s and so does a friend of yours. Or someone you are around. I am not sure if this has been researched so bear with me. There is something about being around others with Tourette’s that makes it all that much more interesting.

Double trouble

Let me give you an example, when I struggle with Tourette’s Syndrome around friends I have an arm tic and a few facial tics. Most of them are totally cool. One of my friends Chris however, also has Tourette’s. We sort of, mimic and adapt to each other. I pick up on his tics and he picks up on mine. The issue is we still have our own. It really is double trouble.

Another example is when I did an online support group meeting with some kind people at Tourette Association of America. The first meeting we were all getting to know each other. Therefore no one but the lovely lady leading the meetings; Eva, had a webcam on.

The next meeting however we all put our webcams on and almost instantly we were all ticcing and picking up each other’s little quirks and twitches. Luckily we all knew we were in the same boat and there was no shame which felt reassuring.

In conclusion

All in all I would say having Tourette’s Syndrome around friends is amazing. Even if some of them also have Tourette’s as they will understand. It can also be quite funny as you will see in the shiny writing link I give you all today. Warning, it can be a bit rude.

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